Car Wash and Auto Detail Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose a hand wash over a conventional wash ? Why is handwashing better?
A hand car wash provides a better service than automated systems because the washer is able to see blemishes and provide the appropriate amount of pressure to remove them.We use lamb's wool mitts that are not abrasive to the vehicle's clearcoat or other components. Automated systems cannot adjust their settings for different levels of cleanliness. It is this ability to adjust to each vehicle's condition that makes handwashing a premium process.
Why should I wax my car? How often should I wax it?
Wax is a protective coating that is applied to your car's exterior surface to maintain the vehicle's shine and help shield the paint from harsh environments, protecting it from fading. The intense Texas sun is harsh on a vehicle's finish and the wax helps keep it looking as shiny as possible. A typical high quality car wax will last 3-4 months, so remember to schedule a wax service along these guidelines. If wax is not applied, the environment will degrade the clearcoat and give your car a dull look.
How long does a typical service take?
A wash package will take from 15- 25 minutes, depending on the amount of customers at the time.A detail package will take between 40 minutes and 2 hrs, depending on the services an options requested.We always do our best to complete your vehicle as fast as possible, but within our quality guidelines.You may not always remember how long it took, but you'll remember if it was a poor job.
Do I need to make an appointment?
Appointments are not needed, but are recommended. We will gladly take your vehicle as soon as you arrive. If your vehicle requires special care or you have a special request, please contact us ahead of time so that we can prepare for your arrival and make sure we address your needs.
What is Carnauba wax?
Carnauba wax is a higher grade wax that is highly durable and lasts longer on your vehicle. To maintain a shiny look longer, we recommend Carnauba to our customers.
What is an interior dressing?
Interior dressing is a compund used to bring out and protect the qualities of your interior components such as the dash, console, and door panels. We do not use Armor-all in the interior

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