Car Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners - Part II

doc carCustomers frequently request extra attention to remove pet hair from seats and car carpet.

Austin is a super pet friendly town and many people have pets with long hair that stays in the car after a trip to Lady Bird Lake or Zilker Park. This can be a major pain when you need to transport friends to dinner and no one wants to sit on dog hair.

At the Final Touch Hand Car Wash, we have super vacuums and trained personnel that are used to digging pet hair out of car seats, but you may not have this luxury.

So we combed through the 'internets' and compiled a list of recommended techniques for cleaning pet hair from your car.

In Part I of our series on Car Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners, we discussed ways to prevent hair from getting on your car seats by taking care of your pet.
This is the "Prevention" part. Now, we'll talk about what to do if the hair get's on your car seat

Removing Pet Hair from Car Seat

There are many ways to remove pet hair from your car interior. Some are more frustrating than helpful
Hopefully, one of these tips will help you. If so, let us know in the comments area

Pet hair removal using brushes

You'll need a stiff bristle brush and a typical dryer sheet.
First, run the dryer sheet over the area you want to clean up. This helps soften the hair.
Next, brush the hair off the car seat with the brush and dispose of it.

While this picks up most of the hair, it doesn't do that great of a job with the remaining fine and small hair

Pet hair removal using rubber gloves

If the brush technique didn't work, put on some kitchen dishwashing gloves with a slightly raised tip on the fingers. You may also be able to use silicon covered gloves, like those used for gardening

Put on a glove and roll the hair with the finger tips. If your gloves don't have a raised tip, you'll find it harder to clean up. We find that using gloves works pretty well

Pet hair removal using vacuum

This is obvious, isn't it? It is, but it doesn't always work, particularly with the stubborn hair that sticking due to static electricity.If you have a lot of hair, you may want to use the vacuum to remove the bulk of it, then use the other techniques to remove the most stubborn hairs. 

You can also use specialized vacuum attachments to make the job easier.

Pet hair removal using other techniques

Spray hair with water and fabric softener

Using a water/fabric softener mixture helps to loosen the hair. Mix 3 teaspoons of softener to 1 cup of water and spray your car seat. Wipe it down to remove any excess. Once it's dry, you can vacuum the hair up a lot easier.

Balloon static

Yes, as odd as this may seem, sometimes the only thing that will coax hair out of crevices in your car is a strong force, which in the case is a balloon.

Remember when you would rub a balloon on your hair and then stick it to a wall? Static electricity helps keep it in place and this same principle can help pick up hair

So try it...get a large balloon and rub it on your hair. Then, glide it over the car seats and watch the hair jump on the's that simple

Other specialty products

You'll find many specialty products to remove pet hair that work in varying degrees

We've listed some below

Petmate Pet Hair Magnet, Yellow
Pet Hair Removal Stone
Giant Lint Pic-Up Roller

Other methods

  • Static Guard - Spray it on, wait a few minutes and then vacuum
  • Rub a wet washcloth in one direction
  • Wire brush. Be careful not to rub too hard
  • Wrap duct tape around your hand with the sticky side up and touch the hair
  • Dry pet sponge found in most pet supply stores
  • Take a hook and loop (velcro) hair curler and run it over the car seat or surface

Let us know if it works for you.

And the final way that you can remove hair is, of course, to bring it by and let us take care of it for you with one of our auto detail services. It's a lot faster and less frustrating than doing it yourself.

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