Car Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners - Part I

FTW clean_pet_hair_carCustomers frequently request extra attention to remove pet hair from seats and car carpet.

Austin is a super pet friendly town and many people have pets with long hair that stays in the car after a trip to Lady Bird Lake or Zilker Park. This can be a major pain when you need to transport friends to dinner and no one wants to sit on dog hair.

At the Final Touch Hand Car Wash, we have super vacuums and trained personnel that are used to digging pet hair out of car seats, but you may not have this luxury.

So we combed through the 'internets' and compiled a list of recommended techniques for cleaning pet hair from your car.

Preventing Pet hair from Getting on Car Seat

First, we can start with an ounce of prevention: preventing the hair from getting on the car seat.

Vacuum your pet

Sure, this sounds a little odd, but we found a few sources that simply say to run a vacuum close to your pet to pick-up any loose hair. This may work if you're able to keep your pet from freaking out. I know my dog wouldn't sit through it, but yours might.  We've been told that some enjoy being vacuumed!
This attachment from Dyson helps keep you vacuum it all up! Click on the image to see more.

dyson pet_hair



Or, you can try the Yowza Pet Grooming Vac Attachment.

Brush your pet

Sounds simple, yet many pet owners fail to do this on a frequent basis and complain when all of the pet hair ends up on their furniture or in the car. Some experts recommend brushing your dog daily, but be sure to use a soft or medium brush so that your pet's skin is not irritated. 

Bathe your pet

We've found some pet owners that recommend using a leave-in conditioner after a bath to protect the hair. Bathing helps remove all of the loose hair that may end up on your car seats and in between the spaces in your car. Be careful not to bathe your pet too often or you might dry out the skin.


Sure, some of these are obvious, but we find that the most obvious steps are the ones we miss.

So, what if we didn't do any of those items show above? Well if hair loss prevention didn't work, then how about if we prevent the hair from getting on the car seat.

Pet Car Seat Covers

You can cover your car seats with vinyl, much like my aunt used to do with her furniture.
While this works, it's a sorry idea when the Austin temperatures reach 110° and  it burns your pet's paws and privates.

Solvit makes a couple of options that are great for your car like this waterproof bench seat cover:


 You can also try this type of seat cover :

pet car_seat_cover


In part II, we'll look at ways to get pet hair out of the car once it is already there. This will be a much more exciting post, so check back in soon.

So, what are your favorite tips and techniques for preventing pet hair from getting in your car? We'd love to hear them. Please leave a comment below.

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