Google Local Favorite Places - How to Read

Back in December, we received a Google Local sticker that identified us as a Favorite Place, based on Google users' interaction with local business listings. (Find out more here ). At the time, I had no idea what to do with we just posted it on our window and waited. We had a customer come by and show us how to use it to get information on our business and other local businesses that display the sticker. He had an iPhone and showed us the information that came up on his screen.I must admit, I was pretty impressed with what he showed us, so I downloaded a similar app to use on other businesses and periodically check the info on our business.


Since I had asked around how to make this work without luck, I figured that I'd put out some instructions for customers and merchants who want to use Google Local Sites.You'll find the stickers on the main windows of businesses that received them.

Step 1 - Download a QR Reader app from the iTunes store. If you have an Android phone, Blackberry, or other smartphone, check your app stores for a QR reader. You should be able to find one that fits your model. I used Quickmark from the iTunes store, which was only $0.99 . There are free apps, but this one had better reviews than the free ones.

Step 2 - Open the app and go to the Scan or Decode screen. The screen will look like you're taking a photo. 

Step 3 - Point the camera from your phone at the sticker . Some apps will require that you press the button to read and decode the QR code. This app automatically detected it and processed the image.

Step 4 - Select the URL that you want the information. In this case, there was only one that was highlighted. 

Step 5 - The browser will open and find the business on Google Local. The screen shows business website, contact information, and reviews. I was disappointed to see a 2 Star review with the title "Poor Experience" on our review list , but we unfortunately get those - I don't know why we were so lousy that day . Hopefully that reviewer will try us again.

Overall, this was an easy experience that I'm sure will be beneficial to consumers to get information. What I didn't see, however, were the coupons that we posted on the Google site. It appears that Google is heading that way and they may come up in the future. 

Try it out. Let me know if this was helpful.

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