Free Car Washes for Moms

We've been working hard at the Final Touch to make sure all of our customers are satisifed with our work. We're succeeding the majority of the time, but every once in a while, we get someone who's dissatisfied with some aspect of our work.

We believe in Continuous Improvement principles and listening to our customers, so we need some help to improve our processes. We need to identify if our problems are from poor processes, communication issues, or improper training.

To improve, we're trying to find a few moms that will trade a free car wash or two for feedback on our work and some before and after photos.
Why are we looking for moms? There are actually a few good reasons:

  1. My wife's a new mom and her car is in horrible shape. There are cheerios all over the back seat, baby toys lodged between seats, and dry cereal on the floor mats. It's my bet that she's not the only mom with this problem.
  2. Moms typically speak their mind and we're looking for open feedback , positive and negative, about what they see.
  3. Why not? Moms need all the help they can get. Before we had children, I had no idea how much time and energy kids required.

This group will be the first that we try to get feedback from and may extend to other groups in the future. 

Are you a mom who could use a free car wash or do you know a mom who would like one? Please send us a message through our 'Contact Us' page with your contact information and we'll send you more details on how you can help.

Thanks for helping us be the best possible car wash in Austin.

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