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Google Local Favorite Places - How to Read

Back in December, we received a Google Local sticker that identified us as a Favorite Place, based on Google users' interaction with local business listings. (Find out more here ). At the time, I had no idea what to do with we just posted it on our window and waited. We had a customer come by and show us how to use it to get information on our business and other local businesses that display the sticker. He had an iPhone and showed us the information that came up on his screen.I must admit, I was pretty impressed with what he showed us, so I downloaded a similar app to use on other businesses and periodically check the info on our business.

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Free Car Washes for Moms

We've been working hard at the Final Touch to make sure all of our customers are satisifed with our work. We're succeeding the majority of the time, but every once in a while, we get someone who's dissatisfied with some aspect of our work.

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Need a Christmas gift that's practical and everyone loves?

The Final Touch Hand Car Wash is now selling gift cards, which makes this a perfect gift for the holidays!
You can select the amount that best fits your wallet. We can even develop special packages that fit everyone's needs and may include a variety of washes and detail packages.
You can pick up the gift cards at our location. Call or come by if you have questions.


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Car Wash Coupons on the iPhone - Mobile Coupons?

We recently posted an ad on the Instapons mobile phone service (Instapons Facebook page). We're trying it out to see if any of our customers who own an iPhone will use it access our coupons.

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can download the app from the iTunes app store. This app is supposed to know where you are and tell you where the closest merchants with deals are.

If you have an iPhone, will you try it out and come by to redeem one of the coupons? We'll post a few specials that will save you some money on a car wash or auto detail. This will also give us a chance to test out our redemption procedure and see if there are any issues with our cashiers.

Thanks for your support. We're really trying to be the best car wash in Austin and really appreciate your feedback.

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Groupon Car Wash Deal

You may have heard about Groupon, the website that delivers super-discounted deals in many cities, including Austin. We worked with Groupon in September and had a car wash special listed on their website in early October.

Our 5 Soft Touch Wash Special was really discounted (I mean really discounted) and we didn't know what to expect. Would anyone buy the deal? What if we got the dirtiest cars in Austin to come for the deal? Yikes! We've since met many new and wonderful customers who have told us that they like our service and were initally introduced to us through the Groupon ad. We've even had people from as far north as Mopac & 183 make the drive to come see us. Working with Morgan Zamary at Groupon was easy and never a hassle, like some other marketers I've dealt with.

Not all of the Groupon deals have been redeemed yet, but we're hoping they come in soon so that we can meet the people that purchased. I hope some are given as Christmas gifts and make someone happy that they don't have to wash their cars during the busy holiday season.

Let us know if you purchased the Groupon deal and what kind of experience you had with us. Don't worry...we'll take the good with the bad. It is, of course, the only way we'll get better. Leave us some comments below.

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